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Jan.11 ,2017

Dear Customers,

Notice is hereby given that Solartech Japan had terminated the employment agreement with Mr. Ken Yang and revoked all his authority of office as President as of November 15, 2016. All of Mr. Young’s behavior and activities are in no way associated with Solartech Japan commencing 16 November 2016. Since dismissed from Solartech Japan, Mr. Young has no further authority to obligate, bind and/or act on our behalf for any matter whatsoever. If we observe any of any act aforementioned or any other defamatory act made by Mr. Young, we will take all possible legal actions against Mr. Young.

Annie Huang
Solartech Japan Corp.
Company profile
Company name Solartech Japan Corp.
(Head office:Solartech Energy Corp.)
Founded 2004/6/17
CEO CEO Chang Jin-Long
Represent Yang song-yi
Capital Solartech-JP Corp.:99,000,000 JPY
Solartech Energy Corp.:9000,000,000 JPY
Revenue Consolidated sales revenues:6,138,000,000 ($NTD) ※Year: 2012
Number of Employees 4 (Group:1000 )
Main business ・Solar cell and module importing and selling(For industrial and residential use)
・Solar power plant
Products ・6" Multi/Mono-crystalline Cell and Module
・CIGS Thin Film Module
・Rainbow series: Color Cell and Module
Main customers ・Sino-American Silicon Products
・Japan module manufacturer 、trading company
Related companies ・Sino-American Silicon Products(中美矽晶製品股份有限公司)
・Sunrise Global Solar Energy(旭泓全球光電股份有限公司)
・Solar PV Corp.(江西昇陽)
・Sunshine PV Corp.(新能光電科技股份有限公司)
Cooperative bank Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ (三菱東京UFJ銀行) The Tokyo Shinkin Bank (東京信用金庫)