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Company Milestone

2005.05 Solartech Energy Corp. established.

2006.06 1st cell production line started with capacity 30MW.

2007.09 Diversification by investing CIGS thin-film technology 
                “Sunshine PV Corp”.

2008.07 Investing cell manufacturer “Solar PV” in China.

2008.08 Vertical integration by investing Polysilicon manufacturer
               “TGE TECHNOLOGIES, INC.” in Taiwan.

2008.12 IPO on TWSE (Taiwan Stock Exchange: 3561).

2009.03 HsinChu. Fab1 construction completed. 
                Fab’s capacity up to 480MW.

2010.10 5 production lines installed, total capacity increased to 504MW.

2010.10 1st Module production line installed with capacity 30MW.

2011.04 Equity Exchange with Sino-Amencan Silicon.

2011.10 Fab 2 completed, located in Hsin Chu.

2012.06 Announce high efficiency multicrystalline cell-Fortis,
                average efficiency reaches 17.75%.

2013.05 2nd module production line installed,total capaity reaches 60MW.

2013.07 Total cell capacity reaches to 880MW.

2013.08 Established JP branch office to provide just in time serrice.

2014.02 Announce next generation high efficiency multicrystalline cell
                with average efficiency

2014.09 JV with TS Solartech in Malaysia.

2014.10 Announced high eff. Cell - Sapphire in PV Taiwan 
                with avg. eff. 19.0% (MP in Q4)

2015.01 Started MP in TS Solartech with 210MW capacity.

2015.11 Total capacity reached 1GW.

2016.03 275W high eff. Multicrystalline module certificated 
                Taiwan Energy Bureau.

2016.04 Announced new series of high eff. cell 
                with avg. eff. 19.3%(MP in Q2).