About Us
Company Overview

Established in Taiwan in 2005, Solartech Energy Corp. is one of the pioneers in the solar PV industry. It was funded by a group of enthusiasts with the vision of creating a better environment through the use of solar energy. And in realizing this vision, we propose to deliver top quality products and the best customer experience.

Inaugurated its first solar cells production line in Apr. 2006, Solartech is also one of the first solar companies to list on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Solartech's capacity is currently 1GW, Fab 2 can be expanded to an ambitious 1.6 GW. The average efficiency has passed 17.8% now, Solartech will aim to achieve average efficiency of 18.0% in the near future.

Further, in order to provide a diversified products and getting ready for future opportunities, Solartech has invested in thin-film manufacturing facility and upstream-polysilicon production. And through global strategic alliances, Solartech aims to achieve vertical integration, which will give Solartech a cost advantage as well as additional market access in Europe, Asia and Americas.

With the continuous R&D effort, Solartech keeps innovating and improves to delivering high quality solar cells to its partners. Solartech keeps its promises to quickly react to customers’ inputs and demands, and offers high quality products. Customer-satisfaction is Solartech's core value!

In living up to the promise of top quality products, Solartech invests heavily in product and process innovations, with the goal of always delivering cutting products to our customers and partners.

In addition to top quality products, Solartech promises to provide the best customer experience. Starting from our customer oriented attitude and 100% foreign trained service representatives, Solartech follows stringent internal guidelines, as well as requirements in quality standards certificates.